I’ll Die If I Stop Rhyming : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

My life was magically changed one day, and became something quite amazing

I was granted a simple wish you see, and I used “perfect phrasing”

So you’re wondering how I got it? Well, I’ll get to that later

But first I’ll explain what happened, and why I mustn’t waver.

My wish was for lots of sex, I had money but no luck

It’s not like I’m ugly, it’s the talking where I’d get stuck

My wish was granted, and rewarded a silver tongue

Metaphorically of course, and it seemed I could do no wrong

I had just picked up a girl, and we were in my hotel-room

I chose to stop my rhyming tongue, and here I sealed my doom

I forget now what I said to her, but I know she was amused

My words were far from rhyming though, then my mouth began to ooze

Deep-red chunks of muscle spewed, dripping from my lips

Soft and slippery as they fell, like uncooked chicken-strips.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, I just stood there in awe

As right there infront of me, lay my whole tongue on the floor

The girls screams stopped and the room hit its quietest

I looked around, the girl was gone, probably ran to some psychiatrist

I scooped up all my tongue, and put it in the freezer

I wasn’t really thinking, as I picked up the phone receiver

A woman’s voice answered and I groaned at her in pain

I think it was the receptionist, either Susan or Elaine?

I groaned and groaned, and then I groaned some more

“I don’t know what you’re saying, sir, but I’ll send someone to your door”

It seemed to take forever, then finally came a knock

The sound at first gave sweet relief, until my key turned in the lock

The door slowly opened, to my room-306

Non of this was worth it, just to score with some hot chicks

There in the threshold, stood a man I’d not long seen

Tall and dark and scary, like some demonic horror-scene

His slender arm outstretched infront, and his finger now did point

To the freezer that stood behind me, which held my own muscle-joint

I handed him my tongue, shredded but in one piece

He squeezed so hard and I screamed so loud, My pain ten-fold increased

“Break the rules, and you’ll only lose” He stated in one deep note

“Break the rules, and you’ll only lose” as he rammed it back down my throat

It was quite simple really, a man with a “magic-dish”

Offer up your money and tell him your life-long wish

I thought it was all bullshit, a gimmick or a scam

Now my only wish, is to never of met that man

After my tongue, but before he left

He handed me a card, on the front it pictured death

I flipped it over and read the few short lines,

“Break the rules, you’ll always lose, and your soul is forever mine”

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