I witnessed her death : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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 She was such a fool.  Has eaten so much dose of the drug, I watched her, helplessly. I swallowed her agony, painful moaning.  

 I couldn’t do anything. Ironically, it’s when I realized how much I loved her. But it’s too late. I couldn’t say anything but watch all this happening, the process of death is astonishing by the way.   

 Her hand stretched the drug bottle so tight. I could see the bottle started to deformed.   

 Eventually, she opened her eyes widely, took her last breath. Stop struggling.    

 It’s over, the story has come to an end. She even couldn’t close her eyelids.  But whatever, she couldn’t see things now, either.  

 The bottle of the drug fell out of my left hand, and slightly tapped the mirror in front of me. That’s the last sound I could hear.
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