I went on a walk with my friend and his cousin and saw something horrifying. : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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If you’re wondering yes this is a true story but one beautiful September evening during the weekend me, my friend and his cousin were listening to music on the couch and my friends cousin Andrew decided that we should walk in the woods. We thought it was a great idea and walked over to the woods in our town.

We were so far in the woods no one could hear us even if we screamed. While we were walking Andrew showed us all the places we shagged chicks and showed us a stick fort he made with some 5 year old time capsules.

We then went out of town in the woods and saw some weird things like bare footprints and a thermos. We shrugged it off until we reached the end of the trail and saw something disgusting.

First we saw dog hair that looked to be attached to skin then we came across bones of a dog. It’s ribs were cracked to small bits so it wasn’t a coyote. In a bush by the bones there was a sleeping bag, quarter full water bottle and food rappers.

We called the sheriff to report the remains and walked home in silence. Well it was silent until my friend saw a sketchy looking dude in some tall grass look at us then duck down. We ran to my friends house and acted like nothing happened.

Turns out this dude is known for other disgusting things like almost molesting a little boy on a trail and we think this man lives in another part of the wood me and my friends call “Blair witch mountain”. It got this name because the weird things like symbols on trees, newspapers, little girl shoes and 3 washing machines full of bricks.

After the dog incident I asked my friend what the guy looked like and my friend Sayed the dude looked like he was full of meth and he had a weird marking on his face. We never talk about this and the “my dog is dead” joke never comes up anymore because of this whole thing.

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