I was the recipient of the first successful eye transplant – Short Horror Story

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As a young girl I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. By the time I was a teenager I was completely blind. Despite this I lived a happy childhood. My parents cared for me very much and were well-off enough to get me all the support I needed.

By the time I'd I was in my late 40s I was a confident, outgoing woman with a loving husband and wonderful 18 year old daughter. When the pregnancy became apparent I feared my daughter would be be afflicted with the same condition as me but, thankfully, she was not.

One day I was told by my GP of a revolutionary new procedure. Apparently some scientists had developed a method of successfully transplanting an entire eye from one donor to another with very little chance of complications. When my daughter heard this she leapt at the chance to donate one of her eyes to me if she would be a compatible donor.

My husband and I were naturally apprehensive but after much discussion over how monumental a decision this was our daughter could not be swayed and, eventually, we relented.

The days immediately following the procedure were… overwhelming to say the least. The sensory stimulation I experienced for the first time in decades was both wonderful and difficult. I had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep but I felt more alive and active than I had in years.

Unfortunately my daughter struggled with the loss of her eye. Though she wouldn't say it, she'd grow constantly frustrated with hitting objects on her blind side and grew more withdrawn over time. Yet so enraptured was I by the restoration of my own sight that I overlooked my daughter's growing misery.

Then, one day, weeks later, my daughter seemed much happier. Her mood had greatly improved and she seemed to have adjusted well to her new condition. She even offered to cook for the both of us tonight while my husband was working late.

There was a strange, familiar taste to the steak she served but I didn't complain as I didn't want to spoil her mood. Gradually I found myself growing more and more sluggish until all went dark.

When I awoke, I found myself on the floor, a pair of belts binding my wrists to one of the table legs. Under the table I saw an empty bottle of sleeping pills. My sleeping pills.


I craned my neck back over my should and saw my daughter standing over me, steak knife in hand.

"Mom" she said again as the knife's blade drew closer. "I'm sorry, but I want my eye back".

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