I was a famous explorer. – Short Horror Story

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I've been exploring the Amazonian rainforest for many years, i wanted to find something great. Something that i'd be remembered by. My Magnum Opus. For the past few months i've found nothing, only the wildlife that's been making my journey more and more hard as time passes on. But finally, one day; luck struck me. Hidden between the roots of a huge, old tree laid a chest. The keyhole was busted open, so i didn't need one. I carefully took pictures of the chest before opening it. When i finally DID open it, my eyes shined up with hope. A manuscript, finally something that people will be interesting in. I returned to my hometown in Brasil, and read the manuscript.. or tried to decypher it atleast. It looked like it was in latin, and that wasn't my strongest side. I took many courses before i could even read a single word correctly from the manuscript, but then it finally paid off. When i read it, it contained a secret ancient technique. "I Had to try this myself." I mumbled to myself in my apartment. Then going to the nearest public toilet. I talk to myself "I shit myself good…". Until i hear a voice say "You dont need to announce it we can smell it." My heart sank, and it was the most horrifying moment of my life.

submitted by /u/HogRiderPro1994

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