I Sleep Blindfolded : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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The blindfold is one of those with the padding for the bridge of your nose. It shuts out the light and the shield over my eyes provides a sense of comfort that I didn’t know I needed. I considered one after the accident, once I had to use the adjustable bed. I didn’t have a choice when Susan showed up.

My bed faces the doorway of my bedroom, and it’s where Susan started to appear. She just showed up as I was trying to sleep during the day. Her haunted, ghastly face. Her wispy, white hair. Her lack of eyelids.

Since the accident, I have spent most of my days propped up, trying to sleep through the discomfort. Every day she shows up, rounding the corner and stopping in the doorway like she’s lost. She looks around the room, and when her bulging eyes fall on me, they stay there. She never comes any closer.

It doesn’t matter when I lay down. She’ll always show up.

In the middle of the day.

During the night.

She stands there every time I try to sleep, her lips parted slightly like she wishes to say something. At first I would just stare back, unsure exactly what the fuck was happening. I thought maybe it was sleep paralysis. But I’m wide awake. I’ve called the cops, and when they show, she just turns and walks out of the doorway. I don’t know where she even goes.

When the cops grew tired of taking my calls, I had to do something. So I bought the blindfold.

I wondered how she would respond at first. I didn’t know if her staring was a game or a curse. The first time I put it on I put it on slowly, almost worried if I upset her. I pulled the soft shield over my eyes. Forcing my eyes to close, as hers were incapable of closing. I checked a few times to see if it triggered some kind of response, raising it slightly to see if she was still there.

She would always be there. Eyes staring, lips slightly parted. Her lower jaw working ever so softly. Like she’s chewing.

I started sleeping soundly. When I wake and raise the blindfold, she is gone.

But she always returns when I’m off to sleep. Before I lower the blindfold, I’ll see her turn the corner.

She never used to leave the doorway, until last night.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t take the blindfold off. She wouldn’t let me.

I felt the wispy strands of her hair on my face.

The sounds of grinding teeth in my ear.

With her finger, she prodded the blindfold from the outside, feeling the depressions where my eyes were.

Today when I laid down, she didn’t show. Something’s not right, I can feel it.

I keep waiting, but she’s not showing up.

I’m afraid to put the blindfold on.

I can hear her waiting around the corner.

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