I, PICKasso – Short Horror Story

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I, that is Me, am an artist, an artist that I'm. I love painting, I love capturing moments my way, paintings are the most unique yet descriptive way of expressing feelings and emotions, cameras don't capture the way a painting does, camera can't explore and extrapolate emotions the way I can. I'm proud of myself.

The other drawback of a camera which I would like to discuss with you is that it doesn't in real capture the ones who it does in pixels. Pixels are nothing but different shades of light captured and arranged in a manner, our eyes see it as we do the real world but a camera fails to capture the real you and the reality which surrounds you.

My dad was also an artist, he used to paint in Real, in Real means something so very mesmerising that you won't even believe. Dad is the one who had then bestowed me with the prowess to paint likewise him.

Let me however foremost share a memory with you all, my Mom (who once was looking like the most beautiful woman there can be) was sitting on the sofa, I asked 'Hey Mom, who are you waiting for?'

Your Dad, had said Mom, your dad son, I'm waiting for him, he's gonna arrive soon and then we shall leave for the party. Well little did she know that Dad had other plans for her. There… There arrived dad, he'd as usual a paint brush in hand, he always had an Easel ready, and there he sat…

Sweety… Said Dad… I think you are looking like you never did before and thus I wanna capture this amazing beauty you look today.

No… Please…. NO… Screamed Mom, honey… Please…

Na.. Na… Sweety… Here we go…

Dad started painting the hair first and Mom went bald, then he painted her eyebrows and eyes and there sat a woman with empty eye holes and no eyebrows… Then Dad began painting her hands and they also disappeared and so did her whole body… The Sofa on which she was sitting and some objects around too were then forever captured in Dad's amazing painting.

Dad was a darling artist, after having learned the art of painting in real I asked dad once to let me paint him and he did not say a 'No', I painted Dad and captured him forever in my world.

A few friends, kins of mine and mostly those who'd said 'No' to me for things I wanted them to do and wanted myself to do with them, were also captured by me.

submitted by /u/Wisd_Om

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