I love April Fools Day : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I am regarded in my family as the king of April Fools Day. I have tricked every single member of my family over the years except for my older sister. We aren’t really close and honestly she is a bit of a bitch.

I know that she has had a terrible year as one of her sons ran away while the other died from SIDS. She has been heartbroken ever since and has been desperately trying to find her son ever since.

I rang her yesterday and told her that her son was sitting on my couch. She didn’t believe me until I swore on our mother’s life that her son was here. She sounded ecstatic and promised she would be right over.

I went to open the door when I heard her car pulling into the driveway. She hugged me and thanked me profusely while weeping tears of joy.

I stood back and watched her run into the living room to see her son. I started to laugh as her feet gave way beneath her and she collapsed to the ground. She began to scream in anguish as she gazed at her infant son’s body who I had dug up earlier for my prank. I happily called out “April Fools” moments before she fainted.

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