I like to ask pregnant women if they are virgins : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I like to ask pregnant women if they are virgins and it isn’t easy at all. I go outside and i try my best to spot a pregnant woman, and when I do spot a pregnant woman I go up to them and ask them if they are virgins. It takes such bravery and I do it really well now to the point where I don’t care whether I am going to get punched in the face. Majority of the pregnant women simply walk away and some shout at me for asking such an inappropriate question. They are judging the question by its covers.

Then after months of asking pregnant women whether they are virgin’s or not, one finally answered back with a proper answer. She looked down on her pregnant belly and started crying, she then told me that she wasn’t a virgin anymore. I hugged her and I asked her whether she wanted her virginity back and she joyfully replied with a yes. I took her to the special place where the virginity fountain lays into the ground and she drunk so much of it. Then her belly started hurting and blood started coming out of her, and then a lifeless thing came out of her body because she was now a virgin.

She was so grateful and we both held hands and started floating in the air, and drinking from the virginity fountain isn’t always this successful. A man who wanted his virginity back and had drank from the virginity fountain, and had found that he had become a virgin at his job, he couldn’t do investing anymore in banking. I had doctors coming up to me wanting to be fully virgins but instead they became virgins at their jobs and they still treated people with dreadful results. I even had a surgeon drink from the virginity fountain and he became a virgin at his surgeon job, and it was gruesome at what he did on the operating table afterwards.

I once had soldiers, pilots and game developers who had all drank from the virginity fountain and they found that they had became virgins at their jobs, which is not what they wanted. They wanted what that pregnant woman had gone through when drinking the virginity fountain. Even though I prefer pregnant women to gain their virginity and it’s hard to get them to not judge the question that I ask them.

To all pregnant women are you virgin’s?

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