I know how to be invisible now : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I know how to be invisible now and because I know how to be invisible, I can search out for invisible people and kill them. Invisible people can be strife for society and they can enter places without ever being seen and do things to people. I first learnt to be invisible when I became a fat person and no body noticed me and I could go anywhere. People will bump into me and then just move on without saying anything, this proves that I can turn invisible. Its incredible but also very dangerous as I can go into places unseen and unheard as a fat person. It’s a power that I never knew I had.

Then I became better at being invisible when I learnt to become a disable person and I was amazed at how no one saw me or never even noticed me even more, compared to when I was a fat person. I was walking among crowds as a disabled person and not one could even say hello to me as I must have been invisible. When I fell over or became stuck in something because of my disability, no body helped me because I was invisible. I must have been invisible, and I wondered to myself about how many more invisible people have died due to others not being able to see them.

Maybe when you can smell something horrid and you can’t seem to find it anywhere, it could be an invisible person that has died somewhere. Maybe a horrid smell in your home that you can’t seem to get rid, it could.be an invisible person. I then became better at being invisible as I became an old person and no body could even sense me. It was incredible and I was even more invisible than I had ever been before, it was powerful but I feared what I might have become with such invisibility. Ever since I have known how to become invisible, I can see invisible people now and I kill them. I kill them because I am trying to fix society of them and take society safer.

Now you don’t have to worry about invisible people because I am taking them out and I can see all of them, and they tend to all stick together. Like old people’s homes are full of invisible people, fast food places also tend to have invisible people around and hospitals are just so full of invisible people.

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