I felt complete shock when I saw God before me : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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He was not in the image of humanity he was inconceivable, as he existed there in a form my human brain could not comprehend i could feel his very existence stripping my body of emotion. I felt every feeling I could think of including some I didn’t know existed flare up and then slowly get peeled off, it was agonizing and then I couldn’t feel anything but desperation. He shifted my own perceived reality he completely and utterly destroyed me and then he noticed my existence, everything that had been happening to me had been happening by accident he didn’t even know i stood before him until my shrieks of dread and pain alerted him. It seemed like it took so long for him to notice my being here as I remembered centuries of screaming but it was as if he noticed seconds after I started screaming I couldn’t understand what was happening as the very fabric of reality I’d grown comfortable with was ripped and then upon the moment he noticed my existence he looked me in my eyes and everything changed.

I am now a servant of God and he sent me to tell you about him, he says

do not fear for he will take it away,

do not wait for him for he shall erase time,

do not live for he shall rip away your consciousness

he will put you into an unimaginable realm

within the cloth of his unperceived reality that will shatter your very core and being.

You will question existence or if anything is real for we are all a part of his imagination in the floods of nonexistence he considers within his mind. We cannot understand him for he is the only thing that exists.

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