I Eat Them Slowly : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Have you ever eaten human?

Sure, there’s plenty of other animals you could eat, but nothing at all like human beings. There’s just nothing better than picking out the perfect victim, biding your time and then striking from the shadows.

Now some of my friends, they really like it. Like, to the extreme. So when they spot a human, they attack like fuckin’ lions. They pounce, they bring em down and in the blink of an eye, that poor bastard is gone. Hardly time to even register they’re being eaten. My buds, they get a thrill out of it. I think they like the killing more than they like the food, to be honest.

But me, no, I’m all about the eating. I like to savor my human. Let the juices send me into a euphoric trance. Let the flavors drive me into madness until all I can think is Feed Feed Feed.

Oh, the restraint it takes to not gobble them up all at once. But trust me, it’s the right way.

You start off real subtle, they barely even know something is wrong. A bite, a nibble, they don’t know. But a bite and a nibble every so often isn’t enough. Not nearly. No, soon the nibbles will become bites and oh boy, do they start to notice. And then the fear floods through their body. Existential dread. It spreads through them like seasoning, the flavors coming into stark, intense focus.

And they’ll fight back. Oh they’ll struggle and scratch and claw. Some of them get away. And it’s annoying as hell. But more often than not, once I’ve got you, you’re fucking mine.

And once you’re mine, I’m gonna drain you to the bone. I’m gonna draw it out long and slow and by the end, you’ll be so weak, so numbed by agony, you won’t be able to do more than stare in wide-eyed horror as my jaws close around your neck and I decide to be merciful and end it.

To be honest, you’re better off with my overzealous buddies. At least they’ll make it quick. But God help you if you see me. Because by the time you see me, I’ve already begun.

But someday, the doctor might flick on an old lightbox and point me out to you. A dark blob, maybe I‘ll be in your lungs. Maybe your brain. If I’m lucky, your bones. But wherever you find me, when you do, give me a little wave and say hello. And remember this:

I eat them slowly.