I can’t seem to get addicted to anything : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I can’t seem to get addicted to anything and it’s driving me crazy. I want to be addicted to something but I don’t have the ability to do it. I tried getting addicted to all sorts of drugs but I couldn’t find myself getting addicted to any kind of drugs. It’s driving me crazy and I don’t seem to get any cravings for drugs and I want to be addicted but I just don’t feel the addiction. I don’t understand how people become addicted and even when I have tried to become addicted to many different types of drugs, the addiction never comes to me.

Then I stopped trying to become addicted to drugs and I tried getting addicted to certain types of food but that didn’t work. Then I tried getting addicted to work and I forced myself to work so many hours but I found myself not getting addicted to work. I want to know what it feels like to be addicted and I become so jealous towards heroin addicts and people who can’t stop eating. I then tried becoming addicted to things like gaming and social media and I really pushed myself to be addicted to those things but it never worked. I can’t feel any kind of addiction. When I see people recieving help for alcoholism, drug addiction, game addiction and any other kind of addiction, I about at them at how unfair it is.

Then I tried to get addicted at chasing after people with my mouth opening monstrously wide with sharp teeth forming all over my mouth, but I still couldn’t find myself becoming addicted to that. I tried so hard at becoming addicted at chasing people with my mouth becoming really monstrous but I had to accept I wasn’t addicted to that. Then I tried becoming addicted at my back growing wings with their own minds and my arms becoming like snakes, as well as attacking people again. I gave it my best shot at becoming addicted at this but I failed once again.

Then I tried being addicted at being the victim and strangers started turning into monstrous beings and they tried to chase and capture me. I did my best at being the victim but once again I failed at this and I then had to accept that I just can’t seem to be addicted to anything. Every time someone turned into something and tried to attack, I wasn’t a victim because I fought back. Once again I failed at being addicted to something. I guess some people are just addicts.

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