I believe in everything and anything now : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I believe in everything and anything now and it has changed my life forever. I believe ghosts and boogeymen and I believe in all conspiracy theories. By believing in anything it has made my life so much more simpler and I believe that earth is flat and I also believe that the earth isn’t flat. I believe in conspiracy theories like alien living among us and I believe in the insane crazy guys ideas of government trying to make us all sheep to do their bidding. I believe in the victims and I also believe the accused that they didn’t do it, it’s wonderful when you just believe.

When I came home a couple of weeks ago I saw a guy robbing me and after he had finished robbing he told me that it wasn’t him that robbed me, and I believed him. I believed in him so much and he went his way in his big truck with stuff in his house. When another guy had burned down a house, he came up to me and said that I burned down a house. I believed him and he then went on his merry way with all his gasoline and lighter. I love believing and I believe the insane people who see things that aren’t there, and I also believe people that aren’t there who can see true living people that exist.

I believe it all and when I saw a guy stabbing another guy in the forest, I believed him when he told me that it wasn’t him that murdered that guy. I believe him through and through and I hugged him even though he was all bloody, and he started crying because no body had ever believed him before. Then when I saw a wild animal eating a human being, the wild animal came up to me and told me that it didn’t kill the human being and I believed the wild animal all the way.

When I went home and found a dead body on the table, the dead body told me that he wasn’t on my table and I believed the dead body. The dead body then told me that I was making the after life already pleasant for him. It’s good believing people and when you believe constantly it’s such an up lifting experience when you believe. I believe everyone and everything and if that bothers then you need to re-evaluate your life.

Like when someone fed me acid but said it was apple juice, I believed him, or when I got electrocuted in an electric chair someone told me it’s true love and I believed him. Believing is better.

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