I am stuck in a time loop and I cannot escape : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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My eyes shot open and gazed around my prison as I knew that I only had a short time to prepare. Every second counted as I once again tried to unwrap the noose that was wrapped around my throat.

My vision was already beginning to blur as the noose tightened around my neck. An unknown force was pulling me away from my prison which was making my valiant attempts at escape even harder.

My arms slumped to my side as I knew that I had failed to escape in time once more. My final thoughts were cursing whatever demonic creature had trapped me in this time loop.


I lay there weeping in the hospital bed clutching my son’s body, as the doctors told me that the umbilical cord must have gotten wrapped around his neck. I begged God to give me one chance to give birth to a healthy son.

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