I am convinced that Will Smith is going to slap me : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I know the title will make you think that I have a few screws loose but I can assure you that I am perfectly sane.

I have had a poster of Will Smith from the movie I Am Legend hanging on my bedroom wall for years. In it he is strolling down an empty city street towards you. I have always thought it was a cool poster and have never taken it down.

Lately I have been noticing subtle changes in the poster. Will Smith looks angrier and his eyes have turned red. His right hand has been gradually moving higher and higher with the palm open. I tried tearing the poster down but it wouldn’t budge from the wall. He was getting closer and closer to the front of the poster until his face was all that you could see.

Last week I awoke to discover to find him missing from the poster. I gazed around the room to see him standing in the corner of the room. Every night since I have awoken to find him getting nearer to the bed. Last night he was standing within arms reach of my bed. I am hiding under my pillows at the moment as I can see his silhouette right above me. His arm is raised and ready to strike while I cower in fear. I don’t know if he will finally get me tonight or if it will be tomorrow but I just wish he would leave me alone.