have you seen Eric’s mom? : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Have you seen Eric’s mom? I need to see Eric’s mom because I am in need of so much help. It’s really important that I meet Eric’s mom and I need to see her, hear her and talk to her. Many years ago the world use to change every 100 years which allowed the previous generations to die out, before the current young generation look back in history. Previous generations were able to die out before the world changes, and were able to escape judgment if they came from a time deemed questionable. Now the world changes every 20 years and previous generations are not been given the chance to die out before the world completely changes and cannot escape judgment.

Eric’s mom can ensure that I die out before the world changes and escape judgment and so it is important that I meet Eric’s mom. I am not joking around and I need to see her as soon as possible and only she knows what to do. Eric’s mum is an important figure in generational evolutions of past, presentable future. Like how some generations preferred one thing and disliked another, only for another generation to come along and like the complete opposite thing that the previous generation had hated. Eric’s mum can ensure the present generation loves me and when a generation comes along that hates me, I will be dead.

I need Eric’s mum to also help help me apply for a job to be prime minister for the ants, and only she knows how to properly win the job of being prime minister of the ants. She has helped people become prime minister’s, presidents, kings and queens of various animals. Only Eric’s mum can ensure any group of people to vote someone in and can make sure that I tick all the boxes of being a leader which is being corrupt, a hypocrite, cowardly and careless. Only Eric’s mum can ensure that I become prime minister of the ants.

I also need to see Eric’s mum because she can assure that I can do a witch dance with the dolphins. Eric’s mom is really important for this and if I go into the water to do witch craft with the dolphins, I will surely die. Only drive mum can prepare me to do with craft with the dolphins and survive deep into the water. Eric’s mom is a really essential person for these things. I am not joking around and don’t lie to me about seeing Eric’s mom.

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