happy dictator, happy citizens! : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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“Happy dictator, happy citizens!” is the term that we all use in our society. When our dictator is feeling happy then we are all feeling happy and the flowers are singing and the birds are dancing. No matter what the weather is like if the dictator is happy then we are all happy. If our dictator us unhappy then the rest of us are also unhappy and everything is gloomy. Nothings feels right and everything tends to drag on longer and we all shout out loud “happy dictator, happy citizens!” And even death doesn’t want to take us when we are unhappy as be prefers to take us when we are happy, because death is an ass hole.

When the dictator is feeling angry and murderous then we, that are his citizens, are also feeling angry and we cannot contain such anger. As a collective we know who made our dictator, our graceful dictator who is loyal at dictating our lives, we know who made him angry because we feel what he feels. He was feeling angry that day because our dictator was telling us all of the small details of his life that day like “citizens I am going to sleep” and then when he awoke he would say “citizens I have awoken” and then he would say “citizens I am hungry”, but when he said “citizens I have farted” a guy started to get annoyed.

He was angry at that individual when our glorious and amazing dictator was telling us the small details of his life. We were also feeling angry because our dictator was feeling angry, apart from that one individual because he made the dictator angry. We all surrounded that man and grabbed him and we were all shouting “happy dictator, happy citizens” over and over again. We could feel the dictator was feeling even more angry and pleased, with what we were going to do with this man. Then other heads started appearing out of the mans body and they all started begging for forgiveness. We beheaded the man and all his other heads that came out of his body.

We left one grown head which was on his stomach untouched, and left the body in some abandoned ditch to die alone. The head then started to blow up like a balloon and started to float away in the air. The head is scared of heights and the air will become thinner and colder.

Without our dictator we feel nothing and everything feels so hollow and empty. We are grateful for the dictator who feels anger, happiness, rage, jealousy, controlling and every other emotion cause we all feel it. When our dictator goes on holiday everything feels numb and empty, and when our dictator comes back from holiday, we will all shout out “happy dictator, happy citizens!”

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