Hair in My Food : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Nothing is more off putting than finding hair in your food. I crinkled my nose in disgust as I pulled a long brown hair out from in between my front teeth like a strand of revolting floss.

“Ugh, there’s hair in my Shepherd’s pie.” I complained, pushing away my plate.

“Oh no, sorry honey. I try my best you know… just be thankful you have something to eat at all.” Mother replied, doling out another slice to my brother.

“Yeah, but last week it was a tooth!” I cried.

I was met with the stern gaze of my father, a nonverbal rebuke coupled with a command to finish my food. And I did… begrudgingly.

“I hate when we have to eat people meat…” I sighed, shoving another forkful in my mouth.

“The caribou aren’t due to migrate in our direction for another month. And with the supply chain down and inflation through the roof, this will have to do for now. We are just lucky people still find time to get lost on the hiking trails up in these mountains.” Father said.

“I guess…” I huffed, finishing my plate, hoping not to find any more surprises in my food.

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