Glasses : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I grew up in a really small town surrounded by a forest. So little people lived there that everybody knew everybody. There was one single thing that i realized was wierd only after i moved away: everybody, including my parents and i, always wore glasses, no matter what. Beacause i travelled very little, i never thought anything of it. A week after i had my 16th birthday, i moved away for college. My parents tried to make me stay, but i had already got accepted, so we fought that day, but that didn’t stop me from going. After i got checked in, i went to see my dorm. There were 2 other people that i was going to live with. They were also pretty new at the college so nobody knew almost nothing about each other. We started to talk what we liked doing, where did we go to school before, etc. Then we started talking about where everybody came from. The two guys came from fairly big cities. I told them about where is was from. I also told them about the glasses part. They both thought it was pretty wierd and decided to search the name of the town in the library computer to see if we would find anything about a tradition or something like that.

I did not expect what i found.

I put the name of the town in the search bar and it told me that it had been a ghost town for the last 30 years. Apparently, every single human in that town had been killed by a couple in their twenties. The creepiest part was that the killers would gouge their eyes out to keep them as “souvenirs”.

My parents are in their 50s.

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