Gila Fallout : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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“In 2066, we have discovered lots and lots of new species but the species we are going to talk about now is the Gila Monster, the gila monster is a large lizard reaching about 22 inches at full length.” C̴̱̬̾o̸̗͝n̴̨͇̂n̷̙̭͂͌e̴̹̱̐ċ̵̩̣ţ̶̭͒i̶̛̗̎õ̴̖n̶̜͒ ̷͉̅̐Ẻ̷͓͇r̴̼̘̉ŗ̷͋̔o̵̝͝r̴͔̭̾ *SIRENS WALE* TV turns on, “Get to nuclear shelter immediately, a bomb has just been dropped and will contact in an estimate of 5 minutes!!!” Inside your shelter you have cryo pods to out last the radiation of the blast, you climb in, setting it to wake when radiation has majorly depleted.

Waking up in the future you find yourself in a strange state, sleepy but wide awake you gather yourself and go outside. Finding yourself in a strange wasteland of desert with recently built settlements, you try to find a weapon to defend yourself from any mutated creatures that might have been near. As you return outside a massive lizard ruffly 22 feet tall, it has the looks of a Gila monster and has gone through a lot of radiation mutating, making it massive, you calculate that it’s about 12 times its normal size of 22 inches and is searching for food. You notice a lot of piles of bones, it appears that there is major natural selection seeing that the Gila monster has given growth but others such as birds have died or have been forced to the ground and have then evolved to not have wings and skinny feet and now have very thick legs and much sharper beaks but still have feathers. To the looks of it lots of the animals have gone extinct and no longer exist.

You begin to travel across the wasteland only stopping to avoid contact with any mutated animals and to rest, animals have adapted to their new feature helping them survive. You eventually find a city and begin to ask for answers to many questions you have from all this happening and to the looks a lot of people have been here for many years for you only just now waking from your cryo pod. You eventually find a place to stay and to spend the night, as you enter the attendant says, “Hello, how can I help, rooms are 65 caps.” You tell him what’s going on with you and tell you there’s nothing he can do and he says you can sleep in the alley and tells you to leave. You ask someone the year and its 2280 and it was 214 years that you were asleep in the cryo pod. Eventually you find somewhere to sleep and have a good night, that morning you find that all other people are gone and no one can be found anywhere, but you find a news paper detailing that there has been many sightings of a giant lizard just outside of town, realizing it’s the lizard you say the day before and that people were not gone but in shelter in the building.

You begin to stay out during these times and study the lizards walking, eating habits, defenses, the way it fights, and where it lives. After many months of studying the creature you eventually gain the courage and begin to befriend the lizard feeding it, gaining it trust and after many more months it is yours, you ride it for faster travel and defend yourself using the beast, and anyone who even tries to do anything to you the lizard has eaten them.

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