Flying Dutchman – Short Horror Story

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Who would travel these seas at night?
Father and son who have a destination in sight.
They sail these waters as they've done before,
their eyes are trained upon the distant shore.

The boy's eyes are wide with fear –
My son, what alarms you when the shore is so near?
Father, father, can't you see the beast?
Dearest child, it's just a cloud of sea-borne mist.

The child turns pale as a ghost,
shivering as if his body is stricken by winds of frost,
yet his insides have caught on fire,
soon his young spirit will surely tire.

Clouds gather above the ship in the sky,
and the winds let out a scornful cry,
as they shake the wooden vessel,
for the amusement of the sea king,
while the sirens start to sing;

"Come to us, beautiful son of man
to a place where you'll never hurt again!
Follow us, lovely child, into the sea
towards a future of never-ending glee!"

And the boy's heart filled with terror,
his little throat letting out a scream of horror.
A scream unheard by the infant's father,
a cry drowned by the wailing winds and raging water.

The freak storm has come to an end,
once the boy is seized by the siren's hand.
He is robbed of bodily control,
as the vessel still dancing causes the boy to fall!

On the shore, the man shrieks, half-wild –
upon finding out the fate of his beloved child.
Grief will surely turn this sailor mad,
for his child's skull is split open and he lies dead.

submitted by /u/BloodySpaghetti

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