Fly to Heaven : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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A lonely giant strides through the mountains, higher and higher, towering over all that lies around it. It is hunched over, tired and tortured, but it pushes on. Its stony grey face and dull dead eyes display the suffering it has gone through, but perseverance remains in its colossal legs pushing it forward. It is a tortured being, cursed by the world for being a freak, but it does not care for human thought anymore. It moves forward, pushing through hardship, higher up the mountains into the clouds and beyond. Its greatest desire now is to escape the cruel world of humanity and find freedom high above.

A tired bird flies high, trying to find a land called heaven. Its time on Earth is finished, it had survived as long as possible there. Far below there was only negativity and hatred in the form of hunters, the elements and the struggle for scraps. It is weary and its slowly shedding wings are in agony, but it presses on, far beyond what it thought was possible. It wishes to be free of the pain, the struggle, and find sanctuary in the stars.

An unlucky man has tried and failed. All his life he did all he could but was battered down by those he thought were friends. He now has no accomplishments, nothing to show for his efforts. Nowhere is home, nobody his friend. His struggle now lies in getting that feeling of euphoria, but the risks he takes are enormous. Stumbling through the cold, dark and wet, he must find the happiness giver. He considers what he is given a moment of freedom, a path to a land high up that he does not have to care about anything in.

The body may stay fresh, but the spirit may be beaten and abused by the world, pushed down into a gaping pit of despair. It wishes to leave. But it cannot. It must stay within its host, cursed to be tortured by the unfairness of the world it was born into. There comes a point where nothing is of concern, only a breath of fresh air and a break from the cruelty matters to the spirit. That is when it chooses to let go of its earthly tether and enter the void. It will empty itself and become wind. Flying higher and higher, an unconcerned soul will do whatever it takes to be free and fly to heaven.

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