FINDERS – Short Horror Story

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Sayid raises the binoculars. Across the street, through the smoky interior of the Miata, he spots Isaac Masterson walking into a motel room.

He jots down the number.


“Kim,” he says. “Wake up.”

“What is it.”

“We found him.”

Kim rises, brushes popcorn off her lap.

“Where is he?”

“He just walked into room 552.”

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Sayid goes for the phone and begins to dial Ms. Masterson, but Kim stops him.

“Hold up. We have the kid, he’s not going anywhere. Let’s call her tomorrow and charge for the extra day.”

“Kim, he’s high profile. Plus what if he runs.”

“He’s not going anywhere. We’ll have eyes on him all night.”

“Okay, but you’re on the night shift. I need some shut eye.”


Sayid wakes up to Kim snoring.

“Hey, what’s the deal?”

Kim snorts, looks around, drops the binoculars.

“Oh shit, I must of dozed off.”

“Gimme those.”

Sayid looks over at room 552.

“Well, we’re in luck. The light is on.”

“See? Told you he wasn’t leaving.”

Sayid mutters to himself. Kim rolls down her window, lights a cigarette.

“Any activity?”

Sayid sees only the room’s orange curtain backlit by fluorescent lighting. A silhouette appears.

“There he is.”

“What’s he doing?”

“He’s just standing there.”


“Wait, someone’s pulling into the motel… right in front of 552.”

“Shit. You think they’re looking for the kid?”

It’s dark and the motel lot is dimly lit, so Sayid can only see so much.

“Can’t see shit over there.”

“What’s happening?”

“Driver just got out of the car. He’s opening the back door now. I think he’s a chauffeur.”

Sayid watches a tall figure step out of the car. The driver walks him to the door, but only the tall one enters the room. A second silhouette appears behind the curtain.


“What? What?”

“The tall guy is… What is he doing?”

Kim snatches the binoculars.

“What the? Is he giving him a hickey? Don’t tell me this is some pedo ring shit.”

“Kim, maybe we should call Ms. Masterson. I don’t want to be implicated…”

But Sayid’s thought is interrupted by Kim’s scream. The binoculars go flying and hit him in the head.

“Start the car, Sayid.”

“Kim, what the heck.”

“Now, Sayid.”

“Look, I know this is messed up but – ”

“He bit his fucking head off.”

“He what!”

“I swear to god, Sayid, if you don’t start this god damn car right now…”

But as Sayid puts the key into the ignition, he stops. Someone is tapping at the window – it’s the chauffeur. And without really knowing why, Sayid removes the key from the ignition and rolls down the window.

“My friends,” the chauffeur says, “I think it’s time you two went home.”


The next morning Kim wakes up to two voicemails from Ms. Masterson

“Sayid,” she says. “We take a job from a Ms. Masterson?”

“Who?” Sayid says, rubbing his aching temple. “Hey, you got any Aspirin?”

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