Fat – Short Horror Story

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This is it. I am naked, staring in the mirror I had previously covered up. Today will be the day I will be happy with how I look. No more being denied by plastic surgeons and doctors alike. If they would not help take the fat from my body, I would just have to do it myself. One hand grips the round expanse of my stomach, a bulky ring of fat covers it, the other holds the scissors stolen from my Mum's hiding spot.

She had started hiding everything sharp from me. Kitchen knives, razers, scissors, heck, even all my pins had been stolen. Anything I could hurt myself with was taken and locked away. "It's for your own safety sweetie, you know what the doctor said about your… urges." She could never say out loud what I had been doing to myself. The irony was the more I couldn't act out my intrusive thoughts, they worse and louder they got.

It started a couple of weeks ago. Cut your stomach off. Cut the fat. You fat bitch, just get rid of it. Cut your fat off. Cut your fat off. CUT YOUR FAT OFF. CUT YOUR FAT OFF. I first thought about how I could do it safely, liposuction surely, or a stomach staple. But every doctor denied me, citing I was too skinny. Clearly they needed to go to an optometrist because they were obviously blind.

That's how I got here in this moment. Staring at the gargantuan tub of lard in front of me, ready to finally construct my own body. Really, I was just being a sculptor. This had nothing to do with harming myself, how can it be harm if I am making myself happy? Turning myself into a piece of art?

I pulled the fat taught, and taking the scissors begin to cut away. I kept cutting chunks off, bit by bit, despite the blood that had begun to spurt from the open wounds. Finally, however, I cut the very last chunk of fat off. Looking in the mirror, I smiled. My stomach as flat! I was thin! I looked gorgeous. I felt faint. I just have to have a little lie down. Taking my place on the blood soaked carpet, I reveled in feeling the chunks of fat around me. I felt peace at last. I closed my eyes, enjoying the warm embrace of darkness, and the heat of my own blood.

Finally thing. Finally happy. Finally free.

submitted by /u/orchidsindreams

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