facts care about my feelings : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Facts care about your feelings and they really do and it’s such a wonderful thing now that facts care about your feelings. Like the other day sounds were really getting to me and keeping me awake. Like the water dripping from the taps, the noisy neighbours playing loud music and a woman screaming nearly everyday. The sound came through the window and walls, and so facts took notice of this and made sure I would never hear any of it and even when the window was open. The sounds should have come through into my house but facts now care about my feelings and made it so that it doesn’t.

Then one day I had stomach pains for months and it won’t go away and I don’t like going to the doctor, and so facts cared about my feelings and did some changes. Facts allowed me to cut open my stomach and I should have bled to death but facts made it so that I didn’t . I was able to find the problem in my stomach and took it out, and even though factually I should have died doing this, facts made it possible for me because it now cares about my feelings.

I have got to be careful now that facts care about my feelings because when sound should have entered my house, the results of facts of changing it caused other people to also not hear things outside. Like when Mrs putol couldn’t her child playing outside anymore and when he was kidnapped, the sound of his screams didn’t enter her house. Or when Mr burpats work partner was outside trying to beep him to get up for work, the sound never entered his house and he lost his job and he then took his own life. Facts caring for my feelings affected others.

Or when facts cared about my feelings about my stomach pains and made it so that I could cut open my stomach, this affected Willian when he was paid to stab someone with a knife. As Willian stabbed his target, his target wasn’t dying and because he failed to kill someone, he and his whole family had to be taken out to cut loose ends. I am grateful now that facts care about my feelings and when I didn’t feel like cooking meat, facts cared about what I wanted and I was able to eat uncooked raw meat without any problems. The raw meat tasted cooked even it wasn’t cooked.

This started to affect random people when vultures and other animals that eat dead meat started to eat on living people as they tasted like the dead. Maybe facts caring about my feelings is causing problems.

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