eventually everything becomes boring : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Eventually everything becomes boring and everything becomes normal. No one can escape boredom and boredom is deaths sister, they are both expected and both will happen at some stage. Whether you have a new job or a new relationship, normality will happen and boredom will arrive. Normality is the incestious child of death and boredom. I was enjoying myself being murdered until it got so boring. It got so boring that when I got murdered I didn’t flinch and I didn’t care that life had floated away from me. Being murdered got boring and even though I knew it would get boring, I was disappointed that getting murdered got boring.

Then I got into being abducted and I would keep getting abducted from the people who had first abducted me. As I kept on getting abducted it started to feel boring and I was getting irritated. I would get annoyed at some of my fellow abductees crying to be free while I was just so numb to it all. This got boring, they got boring and I was just going through the motion of being abducted, and being abducted again from my captures and then my captures being abducted. It was all dizzying and it became the new everyday. Then I got out of being abducted and when I hear of someone being abducted or killed, I was cold and I didn’t care.

Everything is so robotic and mechanical when it becomes boring, the monotony is laborsome, and it was more laborsome than watching a retarded man dancing to the same music over and over again. You tell the retarded man that he doesn’t have to always dance to the same music but he does anyway. Then I started to enjoy getting robbed and scammed as it was new and thrilling.

I lost so much money on crypto scams and people on the street kept on robbing me, it was so good. Then like a fool I had realised it had gotten boring again. When I find something fun at first I ignore the fact that it will get boring one day. Getting robbed got boring once again and it was experiencing the den turn. I lost everything even my home but I didn’t care because I was so use to it. Everything eventually becomes boring and you all know it that it will, but you will find something else to be bored of.

I found something else new but I’m not going to do it, as I fear I am going to be bored of it.

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