Eulogy for our fallen – Short Horror Story

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“Ezra Hitchens was once a good man. A father to his son Andrew. A husband to his wife Athena. A woman who served the kingdom and ascended through her commitment to her faith. But I stand here today before our family with an overpowering disappointment. It seems our servant, Ezra, lost his faith. A betrayal within him took hold and led him down a destructible course of blasphemy and foolishness. And so today, we place Ezra Hitchens beneath the soil, a sacrifice in search of forgiveness from our maker. Wheel him in.”

Andrew struggles in the restraints as our disciples bathed in glorious red robes hold him in place. Two of our followers push Ezra in the wheelbarrow and bring him to the pit of dirt. Ezra’s mouth is covered, but his squeals make their presence known.

“We hear you, Ezra. We will remember your cries, as you weep beneath the dirt down to your final breath. Your voice—muffled as it may be—will carry itself through our hearts. And it shall be a reminder for those who battle with their faith.”

Ezra rolls into the pit and the men shovel the dirt over his faithless body. His pitiful sobs fade. Only the dirt can hear him now. I approach Andrew.

“Son, you do understand that your father’s attempt to escape required him to sacrifice himself, right? Are you still a believer?”

Andrew nods, as we release him from his restraints. We may have lost a member of our family today, but I believe those who remain will grow stronger together. We will let our faith guide us.

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