ETA – Short Horror Story

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"1 hour away." I texted.

I sighed as I drove slowly through an accident area just right before the state highway 1 exit.

There were police vehicles and an ambulance. The red and blue lights hurt my eyes so I kept my focus on the road. I made sure I was past them before I sped up again. Surely the police is too busy right now to give speeding tickets.

I can only wonder what happened and hope for the best that no one is injured or dead. I shuddered at that thought. Death. I have always been afraid of death.

It is terrifying to think about what happens to us after we die. Flesh rotting visions aside, what happens to us? Us as a consciousness. Or for the religious, our souls?

Do we just vanish? Do we dream? Do we feel trapped?

Pushing away those thoughts in my mind, I shook my head to concentrate and drive faster. I'm getting a little bit tired but I'll soldier through. Sometimes the drive feels like an eternity, but I'll be home soon.

Home sweet — damn it!

I slowed down seeing that there is an accident just right before the state highway 1 exit.

I reached for my phone.

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