Don’t Look Up : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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After retiring, a mother decided to move in with her son and his family. She lived there for several years and grew very old. One day, she went into the bathroom to take a shower. She was in there for over an hour and didn’t come out. Worried, the family decided to check on her but there was no answer. When they finally broke through the bathroom door, they found her lying lifelessly inside the bathtub with blood seeping from her head. They called for an ambulance but it was already too late, she had already passed on.

Afterwards, they took her body to the morgue. They gather all the relatives and held her funeral. They buried her at the cemetery and came back home. Out of courtesy, a couple of the relatives stayed behind for a sleep over to help the family grieve. A child, while playing with his relative in the backyard, suddenly feel the urge to use the restroom. He left his everyone and went into the house. He quickly rush into the bathroom, the same bathroom that the mother was in.

While doing his business in the bathroom, the boy continues to look down on the floor. Suddenly, a drop of blood hit the floor. The boy thought that it was his nose so quickly wipe it with his hand. But to his surprise, his nose wasn’t bleeding. Thinking that it was nothing, the boy continued on with his business. Then, a second drop of blood hit the floor. Again, the boy checks his nose but it was totally fine. That is when the boy decided to look up to see where the drip came from. As he lift his head to look up, he saw the mother stuck in the ceiling. She was smiling at him as blood drip from her head.

Terrified, the boy ran out of the restroom with his pants still down. He shat his feces everywhere as he cried and screamed back to his parents. He tried to explain to everyone what he saw but they didn’t believe him ta all. Instead, they were very angry at him for making such a huge mess for them to clean. When they finally clean up all the mess, they decided to check the bathroom to see if what the boy said was true. As they thought, there isn’t anybody stuck on the ceiling like the boy said. But as they look closer at the floor, they saw two drops of blood.

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