Dollhouse : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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It reeks of burnt plastic.

There are countless gears and mechanisms that run around the walls and the ceiling, tubes that go through every crevice of this place; always the same shapes, same pattern, like clockwork. I’ve tried to follow them, but they seem to have no end.

What should I call this place? A giant dollhouse, Neverland, Hell?

I woke up her one day, my head felt like it was splitting and my body felt beaten up, I was missing all of my belongings except for my clothes. As soon as I realized my situation I immediately got out of the room I was in just to enter a huge hall with a table in the middle, packed with all the kinds of food you could wish for.

I call it the dining room; it seems to appear every time I’m hungry. It doesn’t matter in which part of this place I am, it just seems to appear just when I need it, it creeps me out.

Like I mentioned before there are countless pieces of machinery attached to this place, they seem to keep it running. There are levers that power elevators, buttons that open doors and such; this is what I hate the most form this place.

You might be thinking…Why do you hate this the most?

That’s because there are thousands of them. I feel completely trapped, no matter where I go there is just another door to open, another lever to pull. It never ends and the monotony and ear piercing sounds that the gears make every time they turn are driving me insane.

I also know that I’m not alone here. There is something else living in this place, building more walls, creating new machines, infinitely adding more structures to this hellhole. I recently saw it when I entered the dining room, a huge disgusting hand, covered in oil and dirt, that was the thing making my meals.

I haven’t eaten, haven’t slept. And I will continue to do so, because I want to die.

The dream of escaping this place is long gone, because there is no exit, there is no hope. I left all that behind when I crossed this door and sat in this filthy room.

I inhale the smell of burnt plastic and rotting flesh for the last time, my body starts to numb itself and I suddenly stop feeling the cold floor. I shut my eyes just to see complete and utter darkness.

I finally escaped.


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