Dead Bedroom – Short Horror Story

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I was half asleep when the sound of the knob turning and the door swinging open altered me. I must have forgotten to lock it. Adrenaline swept over me when I heard footsteps approaching. Then I felt you lay down on top of me and my fear eased. I'd know you anywhere, but why were you here in the middle of the night?

I didn't want to tell you to leave. You wouldn't be holding me like this again unless something was wrong. But before I could ask you, you whispered you had to go.

Reaching out and I grabbed a handful of your hair, and pulled you closer. You exhaled slightly before laying back down on me. I felt your kiss then, and you whispered in my ear again. "The thing is," but you didn't elaborate.

"The thing is?"


"The thing is what?" I asked, concerned before finally opening my eyes

Your weight lifted off of me, but I could still taste your lips on mine.

But how could that be? You've been dead for so long. How could I have possibly forgotten?

submitted by /u/uglybutalsonotfunny

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