“Daddy’s little man.” : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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the husband sat by the foot of his bed, doing that three thousand yard stare.

his wife screeched and cried in his one year old sons room, which, was revealed this his son had died in the night.

the doctors say that he died of dehydration. But, that statement made the husband more depressed and broken. How could a silly thing so avoidable do this to me, my wife, and my baby boy.

for weeks the husband sat in his child’s room. Thinking about the memories he shared with his son, his little man. By the corner, he saw his child running that little toy vacuum and on the other side he saw how he would play patty cake with his son for what seemed like hours.

sometimes, in the dead of night he thinks he hears laughter from his sons room. He gets up, screams his sons name and runs down the house, screaming his beloved sons name.

only for him to face the harsh truth once he reached the room. The poor man’s baby was gone, the poor woman’s baby was gone.

that once happy household was full of pain and suffering.

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