Cult-De-Sac – Short Horror Story

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"This has really gone too far," I think, tugging at a mask that keeps slipping over my eyes, "I mean seriously, what the fuck am I even doing right now?"

We were so excited when we found this place. Kate and I wanted to settle down, maybe start a family and buy a minivan with all those atrocious stick figure people on the back of it.

And Shady Acres seemed like just the ticket. A nice, quiet neighborhood tucked away in our own little slice of suburban paradise. We bought a charming three bedroom monstrosity smack dab in the middle of a cul-de-sac. Life was good. Then we met the neighbors.

"We took the liberty of guessing the sizes," Candace chirped, stuffing a pair of robes into Kate's arms, "Of course if anything needs adjusting, I'm right next door. See you at the block party Saturday?"

With that, she had left us perplexed.

At the party, we were the only ones not wearing our robes. Kate feared we would be ostracized if we didn't put them on, but it was all a bit weird to me. I resisted.

"It's like a toga party, loosen up!" she insisted. Reluctantly, I donned the wretched garment and mingled with our new neighbors.

That was months ago. And since, things have gotten… weirder. with every block party, something new has been added to the ceremony. Like the masks. And the chants in some ancient language. And tonight, I was presented with the ceremonial blade.

I stared at the blade in my hand. Thinking to myself, how fucked up this situation had truly got. How had I let Kate drag me into this? Candace was batshit crazy, and I was the only person in the room that could see it.

Kate placed her hand on my shoulder…

"What's the matter babe?" Kate asked.

"Nothing," I lied.

Candace, stepped into the living room, and the gathering of men and women, all wearing robes turned to face her…

"The offering is about to proceed," Candace said, loudly.

Everybody began to gather around the makeshift altar in the centre of the living room.

Candace, gestured for myself and Kate to come forward. We both approached the altar…

"Ok, Kate, lay down on the altar," Candace said, with a voice of authority.

Kate laid on the altar without question.

"Now stab her heart with the blade!" Candace said.

I gave Candace a questionable look…

"No fucking way! Are you actually serious?" I replied.

Candace's face became angry…

"We don't play games here. We serve the lord!" Candace replied, coldly.

I dropped the blade onto the floor, and grabbed Kate's arm. I was going to drag her out of this nut house. And report it to the police. Suddenly everything went black. And when I opened my eyes, I was laying on the altar, my hands and feet both tied.

And when I saw Kate standing over me with the ceromonial blade in hand. I felt nothing but betrayel.

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