Coulrophobia – Short Horror Story

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I took the weekend off and decided to get some work done around the house. My cellphone had been ringing off the hook all morning and i wondered if staying home was even worth it.

I was talking to one of my clients about her late delivery and the more i tried to calm her the more agitated i got. Patience was not a virtue i held dear.

I had just ended the call and clumsily put my phone back in my pocket when something caught my eye and made me look up.

Thats when I saw him.

He stood against my study window. His pasty white forehead rested against the glass. His bloodshot eyes were still and and glowing and he smiled a horrible lipstick- red, cartoonish grin with cracked and oozing lips. He just stood there in the window glaring at me menacingly.

My heart sank. My wife was upstairs sleeping. My son, the last time i checked on him, was colouring his latest masterpiece in aimless squiggles in one of his colour-in books in his room.

I couldn’t move. Frozen in place i watched his grin widen, showing stained yellow and uneven teeth. Disgusting bleeding pink and grey gums enveloping his decaying, putrid smile.

"Oh, please no!" My mind screamed.

Panic set in and my world faded. His eyes never left mine as he raised his multi-coloured arm and placed his large chubby hand on the glass, sliding it down slowly. A grimey smudge trailing his downward motion. His intense gaze never leaving mine.A bulbous faded blood-red nose, matted green hair speckled with brown splotches and pale white skin that i assumed was a bad make-up job, He stared at me through the window. Fear paralysing me completely. Shutting down even the very thought of movement. I could do nothing. I remained still.

My bare feet still on the damp grass, my fist clasping the hose tight while a steady flow of water soaked the already drowning daffodils, I Looked into my home. I stood frozen. He stood against my study window and then slowly faded away.

The jury deliberated for 35 minutes.

My lawyer insisted I plead insanity but I refused. The prosecution wanted the death penalty. The judge said the knowledge that I murdered my family would haunt me, that it was an added punishment. Because of his leniency, I got life.

Im looking out my cell window. I can't tell them about the balloons.

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