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Answer the following set of questions to regain access to your Metaverse Account:-

SECTION A: LEVEL 1 Verification

  1. What was the house number and street name you lived in as a child?

  2. What were the last four digits of your childhood telephone number?

  3. What primary school did you attend?

  4. In what town or city did your parents meet?

  5. What was it your father said that convinced your mother to marry him?

  6. What is the happiest memory you have of your father and mother together?

SECTION B: LEVEL 2 Verification

  1. Where did you hide when your father came home drunk?

  2. What word did your father use that caused most pain to your mother?

  3. Why did you never tell anyone about the screams you heard every night?

  4. Which song your mother sing to you to hide her tears?

SECTION C: LEVEL 3 Verification

  1. Which relative you three were visiting on the night of 28th March?

  2. Why was your mother smiling when the car broke down in the middle of nowhere?

  3. What word did your father shout when your mom left the car and ran into woods?

  4. How did you feel when your father left you alone and followed her in the dark?

  5. Still want to continue – Access Section D.

SECTION D: FINAL Verification

  1. Why did your mom come back alone?

  2. What did the officers in uniform ask your mother covered in blood?

  3. What did she whisper in your ear before she was dragged in the police car?

  4. Why was your mother still smiling?

  5. Why did you smile?

  6. What happens to love overtime ?