BEDTIME – Short Horror Story

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I lay down on my bed, already tucked into my blankets, resting my head against a soft pillow. My phone sits on the bed stand to my right, it rings a quite, merry tune a couple of times before a automated voice message interrupts it, "Hello, just callin' to remind you of what to do in the night, we have a list we go down, okay?" It stops, as if the recording was waiting for my answer. I nod, but I know it's just a recording, a recording that that cannot respond to what I do, or what I say, "Alright, let's start, number one: Don't step out of bed, only if you have to go to the bathroom, but make sure you wake up thoroughly before leaving your room. If you feel an urge to get out of bed besides a bathroom break, suppress your urge and stay in bed, maybe close your eyes or duck under the covers. 

Number two: If you hear voices downstairs, pop on your earmuffs immediately, if you ever forget, they should be right beside this phone on the bed stand," I checked to make sure the earmuffs were indeed where they were supposed to be, luckily this time I didn't forget to return them there. "Number three: if you smell blood coming from downstairs, close your nose and don't get out of bed. Number four: don't let the thoughts take over, try to keep yourself calm and distracted if you start to ponder the thoughts. Number five: try not to move around in bed a lot. Number six: focus on sleeping, but if you wake up before light, go back to sleep, do not leave the bed. Seven: if you hear 'strange sounds' in the middle of the night, they are just us, do not be afraid. Eight: if you hear someone calling for you, it's not real. Nine: The knocking on your door is just us, trying to make sure you're okay, that's all it is, do not fear, you're not being forced to answer, If you don't want to reply, you don't have to. Ten, the moaning you might hear some nights is fake, do not come out of bed to check on it, eveythings okay. Eleven…if you feel the urges, you know, well, if you have forgotten, you will know, the urge to kill is one that is different from any other urge, I know it burns in your mind, chewing at your brain, it hurts, the bloodlust, I know it hurts, and if you feel the urge, don't get out of bed, close your eyes, put on the earmuffs, and duck under the covers, Number twelve, the finale rule: always remember, we're here to help you, we will always love you, my dear son, no matter what you do, we will be here for you, with lots of love, dad," The voice recording stopped as I began to close my eyes, hoping this night wouldn't be as bad as yesterdays.

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