Apocalyptic Luck – Short Horror Story

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I had turned 18 just as the news announced the start of the apocalypse. The live feed showing a heard of undead limping through the streets of a small town in Florida. Things started rather tame with a blockade around the town. However, the occurrence wasn't isolated and police were ambushed from behind. The feed stopped only after the first few bite into the officers uniforms. I ashed my cigarette and got up from the couch headed to the bathroom.

My mother was in the hallway taking two steps before hitting her head in the wall. I watched as she took a step back and repeated the same action. Her eyes were foggy and limbs limp. There was no emotion in her body and mouth was agape. I move past her closing the door to the bathroom and begin my day.

In the kitchen, there was plenty of food as mother had just gone shopping yesterday. I pick out some eggos and pop two into the toaster. A third one is thrown from my hand into mother's forhead and falls to the ground. This doesn't faze her as the cycle continues. The toaster gives a loud pop as I jump and slightly chuckle. I take my breakfast to the table looking out at the trees. I notice the window had been left open. We kept it closed because the screen had been torn open, and had to be taken out.

Mother had said she'd replace it when she had the money, although I knew better. Perhaps I'd walk to the junkyard and see if I could find a replacement. As I finished the last bite of one waffle, a scream echoed in the neighborhood. A woman yelling for help as multiple other groans and near growls followed. The woman must have been approaching her car as the alarm blares and shuts off, car horn beeps signaling unlocking and locking until I hear the keys hit the concrete.

I set down my waffle and begin to wonder if I should check the situation. As I go to lift myself from the table with my arms, the keys fly in from the window and slide across the floor. I am halfway between getting up and sitting as I stop my movement trying to figure out how that happened. A loud thud from the window pane startles me as I catch a glimpse of the crow fall to the ground.

I shake my head before getting to my feet fully and walk to the other end of the table. The keys slid under a chair that I move before picking them up. The symbol is round with three prongs like a rim off a tire. The keys to a Mercedes the neighbors just purchased after a promotion at work. I glance out the window to check on her only to see a mangled corpse in the driveway and a few of the neighbors limping into the forest. The trunk of the car is open and so is the garage door. The bird seems to have come back to its senses as it takes off in front of my face scaring me. I close the window and go back to my breakfast.

The plate is left on the table while I flip through channels on the TV to find the news regarding any information on the current events. When I finally reach one, their broadcast is off air, another states of national emergency and to take shelter. I had no clue what the first thing to do it this situation was. Mother walks behind me toward the door and opens it to the stairwell without her keys or anything. I watch as she leaves the door open and walks into the railing before falling head first from the second story. I could hear her body crumple on the ground snapping like a twig. I rush over to the railing to see her body limp and unresponsive. The upstairs neighbor watches me from the next landing outstretching his arms taking a step towards me. He trips on the skateboard left by a child and falls head first into the stairs. I watch in horror as his head splits open sending blood and brain matter cascading towards me.

It took me nearly five minutes to collect myself enough to walk back into the apartment. The food in the house would last another two weeks at best. There wasn't any time for mourning however my brain wouldn't cooperate with me. I curled up into a ball on the couch and cry until falling asleep.

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