Almost got robbed or killed, extremely horrifying! – Short Horror Story

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This happened about two weeks ago, I was working the night shift at my retail job and I’ve worked there for about a month and a half. There was some suspicious things going on throughout the day before I got there.

Apparently someone had been giving us counterfeit money for a while now and I haven’t heard about until I left. I don’t think that had nothing to do with the potential robbery/murder later on that night but it seemed sketchy that things were happening that day/night.

Anyway fast forward, as I finished counting my register down and now my manager counting his down, I was making sure no one was in the store as we were closed, as we usually close at 9 so we can leave before 10. As 9:30 came around, there was a man trying to get in and I told him “We were closed.” At around 9:45, I told my mother I was ready to be picked up. She arrived along with my sister and they were waiting in the parking lot.

Once my manager was done counting his register around 9:55, we locked up and was about to leave. As soon as we arrived outside, my mother dropped a bomb and said there were 4 guys in ski masks and hoods over their heads, hiding in the dark near the ice machine as they were trying to rob me and my manager or possibly kill us. I think the reason they didn’t go through with it is because they didn’t want any witnesses around aka my mother and my sister. The 4 guys went to a nearby McDonald’s from what I was told. There’s also a possibility that a 5th person was involved, a woman. My mother and sister said they saw a woman trying to get in the store while those guys were hiding in the dark. Ngl, I was completely shocked.

I wasn’t aware of this because I didn’t hear anyone trying to come in other than the guy from earlier. As we left, we saw those same 4 guys creeping up on this the side of a 7-Eleven nearby as well.

I no longer work there as I told the store manager I wasn’t coming back after what I was just told.

I can’t tell you how lucky I was that I sent my mother that text at the right time because if I didn’t, me and my manager could’ve been victims on that horrific night. It was the most bone chilling things I have ever experienced.

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