all of my pets have grown into adult human beings : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I am so emotional right now and all of my pets have grown into adult human beings. I can’t believe it and my beloved parrot has grown into a human chef and what a wonderful chef my parrot has become. My parrot can cook so many good and I never thought my parrot would grow into a chef. Just seeing my parrot walking on two legs and using his two arms to cook, it’s just amazing. I know that my parrot had a break down in the kitchen a couple of months ago. He became stressed and threw hot oil at another chef and started stabbing customers and waiters. No matter what you do as a human male, I will always remember you as my small innocent parrot that I bought from the pet shop.

I am also proud of my cat and she has grown into a human female lawyer, and her biggest case was trying to prove to the judge that she was the killer, that secretly poisoned sir malek corn. She kept on showing so much evidence that she was the killer but the judge and jury never were agreeable to her side. She kept fighting in court to prove that she was indeed the killer, and her opposition was always trying to prove that she didn’t do it. Finally she managed to convince the court that she indeed was the killer and it was the highlight of her career as a lawyer. I will always see her as my small little kitten.

Then there is my dog that had grown up to be a male human builder, and the types of jobs he had take was definitely questionable. He had taken job offers from kidnappers, killers and thieves to build them things to which they can secretly store victims, dead bodies and money. I guess he got desperate and did the work in secret and he got paid well, but when the same customers called him back for more work and he looked upon his past work which either had a dead body in it, or some poor soul trapped inside of it, he felt so ashamed. He stopped doing for these kinds of people but you can’t just stop doing work for these kinds of people, and you can’t just walk away.

Once your are in you are in forever and my dog that had grown into an adult male human, had gotten himself killed by one of his customers which he refused to do anymore work for. His body was put into a containment which he himself had built, Karna went around. I will always remember him as my small puppy. All of my pets have grown up into adult human beings.

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