Albert : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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His body is one big tumorous mass of flesh. Two long antenna-like eyes protrude from the coagulation of bone, flesh and gristle, that all combine together into a ball of gore. His name is Albert, and he is my little brother.

He was the result of a failed abortion. Mum tried killing him while he developed in the womb, but he didn’t die. Because nine months later he was born. He didn’t emerge crying, no, he emerged hissing, and shrieking, as he fell out from my mother like jelly escaping through a hole. Mum had a look of both disgust and shock when she first saw Albert.

She thought she had destroyed him using a coat hanger. And she was surprised to see his mangled form breathing and pulsating on the floor. She didn’t pick him up. She just stared wide eyed at the thing she hadn’t known had still been growing inside her.

When I first saw Albert, and looked into his long eyes that protruded high above the mass of flesh. I was won over instantly. Albert was my brother, and I would always love him.

Mum threw Albert into the trash, while he still lived. He shrieked loudly, desperate for love. But his pleas fell on deaf ears, as mum ignored him. She was waiting for him to die.

Later that night I went into the kitchen and scooped Albert out from the bin. His long eyes moved around, observing me, before he let out a little gurgling sound. I took him up to my room, and kept him hidden.

The next day mum acted as if nothing had happened. She didn’t even bother to check the bin. Albert was nothing but yesterday’s trash. It seemed he was completely gone from her mind. Or her mind was trying to block out all memories of her grotesque child.

I managed to keep Albert a secret for over a year. Until eventually he had grown too large to hide. And his appetite was even harder to satiate. Albert liked his food alive. He refused to eat anything that wasn’t kicking. At first I fed him our neighbors dog, Bruno. Then I took to hunting stray cats. Albert gobbled them all up whole, and then grew in size considerably.

But then it got harder. I had hunted every stray cat I could find, and the neighbors now kept their dogs inside ever since Bruno had gone missing. Now I had to rely on finding wild animals, which was hit or miss.

Then it dawned on me. A food source that is easy to find, and plentiful!

I called my mother up to my room, and when she walked in and saw Albert, the son she had abandoned and forgotten, she screamed. Albert hissed, and with one swift shove, I pushed mum into Albert’s now gaping toothless mouth. He then proceeded to eat her whole.

It’s been thirty years since that day, and Albert is still with me…

And still hungry!

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