A stomper problem : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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It’s been a few days since he got a good night of sleep. The weight of the accumulated tiredness of sleepless nights was now evident on Marcus’ face in the shape of dark circles under his eyes. The problem was how to fix this situation. You see, Marcus was fine; the problem was his girlfriend.

Gabriella moved in with him five days ago. Five sleepless nights. His girlfriend doesn’t even suspect. For her, nights are ordinary.

But how can Marcus sleep with that dark vision beside him? Gabriella’s back arched as if a hook was pulling her up. Her mouth dropped open with an inaudible scream. Her eyes widened.

And resting on her chest, the creature. A fucking demon girl shaped very similarly to a gargoyle.

Marcus didn’t sleep the first two nights, leaning back in the corner of the room, paralyzed. For the past few nights, he has invented an excuse to sleep in the living room. But every night, at three o’clock, he sneaks open the bedroom door, and sees the absurd scene.

“A stomper. A stomper is disturbing your girlfriend,” said the fortune-teller. Marcus dismissed the priest’s talk that she needed “more God.”

Marcus is not ready. The method to be able to kill shit like that is ridiculous. You must sleep beside the disturbed person and wake up, unaided, at exactly three o’clock, immediately striking the creature with a consecrated dagger. Failing can be fatal.

How can you sleep with that shit in your head? The fact is that Marcus slept, not willingly. Oh no. Upon waking at three, his mind quickly activated his arm to hit the creature. But his arm was dangling, his back arched. His gaze fixed on the stomper on his chest, smiling. Beside him, his girlfriend caressed Marcus’ body, with a dagger in her hand.

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