A Memory, Once Repressed [700,000 Subs Contest] : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I thought I heard your laugh today

In the garden by the fountain

Where we wiled so many hours away

I raced to see your face again

But when I reached the source

I found nothing but clouds of grey

And a memory

Once repressed

Broken and incomplete

I thought I heard your hands today

As they played the violin

With strings broken and decayed

I raised my eyes to watch you play

Disappointment and heartbreak

Naught but dust as the melody fades

And a memory

Once repressed

Now clear to see

I’m sure I heard your voice today

Full of fear and desperation

As you begged for me to stay away

Your guilt worn clear upon your face

This was no accident

But a consequence of faceless rage

Just a memory

Once repressed

Left to bleed

I watched you speak those words today

With the clergyman beside

As you try to banish me away

I throw the items, filled with hate

Nothing left here to see

Just two lifeless bodies left to decay

And a memory

Once repressed

Of you killing me

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