A Highly Stimulating Date – Short Horror Story

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She’s into me.

How the wine flows, her cheeks and eyes glow.

She’s hot for me, and this pricey dessert isn’t going to satiate this new appetite she’s worked up. Goodbye, restaurant.

We stumble back to her place, squeezing here and squeezing there. Onlookers be damned.

Her place, she's not coy about it. Her shirt's off before the door's closed and I'm close behind.

On the couch, we fumble all over each others' bodies, sweaty and sloppy.

That beautiful quiet pause. Her eyes lock onto mine with only a slight eyebrow cue to let me know what to do next.

A lurid giggle lets her know I understand and I take to unbuttoning her jeans.

Her head's thrown back in anticipation, her awaited ending soon to be fulfilled.

They slide off.

I pause.

Lacey panties, a present for me no doubt, but something's wrong. Through the semi-see-through something is writhing, wriggly.


What is this?

A worm?

She grabs my hair and her wanting hips gyrate. She needs it.

Beneath the panties, it whips and twirls, flopping and struggling.

I can't.

She moans, begging me to take the lacies off.


My clammy fingers hook around the top. I pull. It uncoils, looking for air.

A foot, at least. Bright, raw flesh pink. Covered in slimy film, mucus, secretions..

It's attached to her, part of her vagina. Her clit.

Like an aimless tentacle, it reaches blindly in all directions searching for something, for me.

It finds my finger and winds around it like an ivy vine. It's strong.

She moans loudly. Her legs tremor.

"Yes!" she screams. "Just like that…" she gasps.

Her clit releases my finger and prods around some more, feeling along.

I'm frozen, in awe. Disgusted. Bile bubbling in the gut.

The clit flicks into my mouth. Her thighs tighten around my head. She's strong.

It slithers along my cheeks, battles my tongue. So deep. Curling around my uvula, feeling the back of my throat.

She moans and grinds her hips. She loves it. Her legs are so strong. She's pulling my hair too hard.

I can't get free.

Her clit lashes wildly and her orgasmic chorus matches the intensity.

Whipping me. I taste blood. Is it getting longer? Are there more?

I can't breathe.

She cums.

More down my throat. Poking my esophagus, finding holes, making holes. I feel them burrow.

I can't get up. She's so strong.

My arms do nothing, can grip nothing. She's too slippery to fight.

Her shrieking is unnatural. Deep and high, piercing, inhuman.

The clits are in my flesh. I feel them pulse beneath my skin, my cheeks, my temples.

It hurts.

I can't see.

I can't breathe.

She's so strong.

My hearing fades as her body trembles orgasmically over and over again. The clits have penetrated my eyes.

I feel cold. I feel weak. I go limp. No more fighting.

I give in. They can take me. They can have me.

Now I see her beauty.

I feel phenomenal.

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