A God Does Not Stir : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

A Man sat upon King Peekay’s throne – a crime punishable by death.

The first King’s Guard swung his blade at the Man’s neck, hitting his mark. The blade snapped in half, crashing to the floor with an impotent clang.

The second King’s Guard thrust his blade into the Man’s chest, aiming for the heart.

It shattered into pieces.

The Man sitting upon the King’s throne did not stir.

He did not move.

He did not speak.

Peekay ordered the invader drenched in boiling oil and set aflame. This, too, did nothing.

In awe of the Man’s invulnerability, Peekay understood there was no Man sitting upon the throne.

It was a God.

King Peekay dropped to his knees, begging for forgiveness.

God did not stir at Peekay’s groveling.

Realizing his singular prayers are nothing to a God, Peekay demanded his Kingdom worship the God upon the throne.

The Kingdom was thrown into turmoil. The peasants did not wish to abandon their Old Gods for the New.

The disobedient were arrested. Their agony fills the streets of the Kingdom all hours of night and day.

Knowing God wants more, Peekay demanded animal sacrifices in his throne room.

God did not stir as precious food went to waste.

Peekay ordered the execution of the non-believers.

God did not stir as the apostate cursed him before meeting their demise.

When the condemned could not bring God into action, the King ordered the sacrifice of virgins.

God did not stir as sons and daughters cried out for their parents.

Believing their King to be insane, the unrest within the Kingdom brings upon a rebellion.

Peekay begs God to help stop the rebellion.

God does not stir as the gates are attacked.

Tired of being ignored, Peekay spat upon the face of God and vowed to end the rebellion himself. Thousands more were killed, but Peekay remained in power.

King Peekay had the throne room sealed off and ordered the Kingdom back to worshiping their Old Gods.

God does not stir while slaves entomb him.

A decade passes until the throne room is unsealed.

Peekay, older and desperate for assistance, approaches God with his ailing child to his breast. He begs for God to save his boy from the embrace of death. He will pay any price for the life of his son.

God does not stir as the child dies in the King’s arms.

Enraged with God, the King sets upon revenge.

The army is commanded to round up all subjects for miles around. He orders the execution of the guilty and innocent alike at the feet of God. Men, women, and children are murdered and tortured in cruel and usual ways.

God does not stir as Peekay smears blood, feces, and viscera upon God’s face.

He curses God and vows to destroy him.

God laughs.

The King’s entire being shaken to its core, rendering him a blubbering fool.

God looks upon the King’s eyes before fading away into the ether, forever.

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