A gentle embrace : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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‘I never thought you’d be a woman.’ I say to the person in front of me. A gentle smile curves on her lips as she speaks, ‘I get that a lot actually.’ Then, almost as if to herself, ‘I often wonder why.’ ‘I guess I just assumed you’d be a man.’ I shift back and forth, suddenly nervous. ‘So what happens now?’ Another gentle smile. ‘Now we go together. It won’t hurt, I promise.’ ‘But won’t they miss me?’ ‘Yes.’ I stare, waiting for more, and slowly realize I won’t get more of an answer. The battle had been lost. The thing I feared the most was in front of me.

I didn’t expect it to be like this. So gentle, so kind. Loving. Almost like coming home.

Her face is ageless and so, so kind. As she steps toward me, she opens her arms. I fall into her embrace with a cry as she strokes my hair. ‘Hush now. You were incredible.’

As I felt the warmth and love of my return, I wondered why I had never thought that Death would be a woman.

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