12 Holy Well Road : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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There she was, same as every day. The woman in the window at 12 Holy Well Road.

I wonder if she is sick? She never seems to move from that spot. I wave every morning as I pass her house on my way to work.

She smiled back today and I tried to gauge her age. Maybe thirty?

I’ve lived here for months. I’m up early for work, but she is always up to meet me.

She waved back today. She does not look sick.

Her room seems so gloomy compared to the outside world. It’s all dark wood, floor to ceiling. No wonder she likes to sit in the window. Even the curtains are dark.

She’s gone. I stopped and waited this morning but she never showed. It did not feel right to walk on without enjoying our secret little custom.

I looked carefully at her usual spot. And finally noticed that the room is not adorned in dark wood. Every inch of the interior is black with soot and smoke damage.

I’ll walk to work a different way from now on.

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